Exercise Bike

One of the projects featured in the health section of our exhibit is a homemade exercise bike. It’s super simple and quick to make with an old bike and some wood. The only problem we have encountered with it is a lack of resistance, which we have solved for now by zip-tying the brakes part-way so that the back wheel is somewhat harder to push. This couldn’t be a long term solution because eventually the brake-pads in the back will get worn through, but for the three day exhibit it should do!

Used bicycle
Metal bike pegs
Wooden 2 x 4’s (2)
Wooden 2 x 6’s (2)
Mitre saw
Jig saw
Rubber mat


  1. Attach metal bike pegs to the back of the used bicycle
  2. Construct wooden frame using wood sections, hammer, nails and saws as shown in the picture below.
Exercise Bike

The finished product!

Exercise Bike

Close up

We came across the project at the following url: